APX.HK: The Trustworthy Virtual Asset Trading Platform

The mission of APX.HK is to become the most compliant, secure and trustworthy tokens exchange in the world.

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Hong Kong could become the world's largest center for security token industry


Located in a Financial Center

  • Hong Kong is the 3rd global financial center with a large amount of international investors
  • Hong Kong’s IPO financing amount was up to 24.9 billion USD in the first three quarters of 2018, ranking 1st in the world
  • Sound financial system and perfect compliance supervision

Favorable policy from SFC

  • On November 1st , SFC issued a statement to explore the regulation of platform operators, which means that the Hong Kong market would have a regulated formal exchange in the near future
  • By reducing information asymmetry, investors can participate in cryptocurrency investments through formal channels

Backed by The Greater Bay Area

  • The Greater Bay Area has attracted so many startups with advantaged policies and capital investment, forming a huge group financing with STO in the long term
  • The good business environment and sufficient talents also are conducive to the exchange

Product Features



  • Only accepts Professional Investors
  • Completion of basic information and provision of asset certification documents required
  • The Qualified Customers will be required to complete online investor surveys, digital/virtual asset knowledge assessment and video certification
  • Strict compliance review of KYC, AML, etc. and customers’ information required in order to allow Qualified Customers to deposit/withdraw and trade


  • Funds are safe-kept by independent, reputable financial institutions
  • Assets are fully secured by multi-layered encryption and hot and cold wallet isolation mechanism in cooperation with professional third-party digital/virtual asset security technology companies
  • Adopts multiple authentication and inspection, anti-phishing mechanism, and data and system multi-point backup to ensure the security
  • Abnormal trading behaviors can be identified in real time


  • Security token listing process strictly implemented
  • Security tokens are reviewed by a professional committee before it can be listed and traded
  • Detailed information of the underlying assets related to the security token must be disclosed and regularly audited and inspected
  • Dividends of the security tokens will be distributed to the security tokens investors in a timely manner


  • Traded security tokens are compatible with ERC20 & ERC1400 standards
  • Allows fast and convenient trading and clearing services, improve asset liquidity, expand financial market boundaries, and provides Qualified Customers with more quality investment options
  • Smart risk management and Smart investment portfolio analysis modules will be included
  • The redesigned smart contract will follow the architecture of storage and logic separation, and follow the basic principle of separation of interface and implementation, thus achieving modular upgrade and hot plug/unplug of the contracts

Core Team

Mr. Thomas Cheung

Hong Kong Former Deputy to the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China

Standing Committee Member of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Founder of Chinagrowth Group Limited, and Founder of Hong Kong Blockchain Society

M.S. in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering, Cornell University, B.S. in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics, the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mr. Charlie Lee
Chief Tech Advisor

Creator of Litecoin

Former Director of Engineering of Coinbase

Former senior platform software engineer in Google

B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science, M.I.T.

Ms. Nicole Chu
Founder & Chief Legal Officer

Chairperson of Shanghai SyncMOS Semiconductor

Former CEO of PacRay International Holdings, a HKEX mainboard listed company

Former partner of Baker & McKenzie Law Office, Taiwan

LL.M., Law School of Duke University, Law Degree, National Taiwan University

Mr. Tony Tong

Former CSO of Madison Group, a HKEX listed company with focus in blockchain technologies

Co-Founder & Chairman of PacificNet (the 2nd Hong Kong internet company listed on NASDAQ NMS)

Served as a management advisory in Andersen Consulting -Accenture, Target, USBank, Information Advantage and so on

Former Adjunct Professor in Internet Entrepreneurship at the University of Minnesota

Mr. Bing Zhou
Executive Vice President, Product & R&D

Former Founder & CEO in Jishui Tech

Former Co-founder & CPO in Tianzhixing Blockchain

Former Product Expert in Alibaba Cloud

Former Head of Platform SW in MicroSoft

M.S. in Computer Science, Helsinki University of Technology