How to Hide Your Bitcoin Casino Homescreen Icon

how to hide your bitcoin casino btccasino2021com

Before you play with Bitcoins at a crypto casino, you should know how to hide your homescreen icon. Most crypto casinos run well in your browser. If you find the icon in the homescreen annoying, you can hide it by adding it to your desktop. To do this, follow the detailed instructions provided here. Earlier, Bitcoin casinos were simply one-page websites with a single game. The casinos used blockchain technology and were operated mostly by anonymous people.

Payment methods

If you’re going to play bitcoin casino games, you might want to hide your payment methods from prying eyes. While credit cards are relatively secure, you’re also vulnerable to phishing scams. Moreover, compromised gambling sites are more likely to target the next victim. Phishing attacks and social engineering tricks can fool even the most seasoned consumers. Be wary of any email requesting your private wallet password. Instead, use a strong password with a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. Password management software such as Google Password Manager can help you keep track of all your passwords.

Signup bonus

When you are trying to sign up for a Bitcoin casino, the first step will be to find a signup button on the casino’s website. Once you click on this, you will be redirected to a registration page where you will enter a password and email address. Most Bitcoin casinos do not require any other personal information other than this, but some will send you a confirmation link via email.


To hide your bitcoin casino account from unauthorized users, you can set up a desktop shortcut and install the crypto casino on it. Although most crypto casinos work well in the browser, some don’t display an icon on the homescreen. This article will give you detailed instructions. Previously, Bitcoin casinos were one page sites with a single game. They made use of blockchain technology and were largely anonymous. Then, a mysterious virus hit the world and a lot of governments tried to ban their use in public.


While playing in a bitcoin casino, you must keep your passwords confidential. Choosing strong passwords is important especially if you are dealing with financial transactions. Always use different passwords for different websites and accounts. In addition to this, you should never share your passwords with anyone, including bitcoin casino employees. To help with this, use a password management software. Google Password Manager is one such example.


If you’ve just joined a Bitcoin casino, you may be wondering how to hide your identity and deposit with a credit card. You can actually do this through your Bitcoin wallet. To do so, you should purchase Bitcoin and then locate your Bitcoin address. You can deposit bitcoins 24 hours a day for almost no fee. Keep in mind that a Bitcoin transaction takes time to be verified by the Bitcoin network.


If you have just won some Bitcoins from a casino and you want to hide the transaction, here’s how you can do it. To get the coins, you must make several actions, such as double verification, playing the first money game, or opening the site every day. These actions are not recorded, but they are worth a certain amount of Bitcoin. If you’re unsure about how to do this, you can ask a support representative for assistance.