How We Make Crypto Times Events Worth Your Time

how we make crypto times event

If you are looking for cryptocurrency events in your area, here are some suggestions: The Proof of Keys event at Harrisburg University, Bitcoin Day at the Statehouse, Blockchain & Financial Crime training session at Harrisburg University, and many more. If you would like to find out more about these events, read on! We’ll be covering them one by one, so you can choose the ones that suit your needs the best. We’ll also discuss how Proof of Keys works and how you can participate.

Proof of Keys event

The Proof of Keys event is a unique day for Bitcoiners, whose underlying philosophy is “Don’t trust, verify.” Its original intention was to test exchanges’ ability to store customer bitcoins. Today, this event should focus on educating people about Bitcoin and encouraging them to take control of their financial future. Educating people about the benefits of Bitcoin is essential to the success of the project.

The Proof of Keys concept originated from podcaster and cryptocurrency investor Trace Mayer. The goal of the event is to encourage individuals to take control of their cryptocurrencies, preventing their reliance on the exchanges. While it’s not impossible to buy and sell Bitcoin or other digital currencies, most investors don’t fully understand how to move their money from a custodial account to a wallet that holds private keys.

Bitcoin Day

What makes it such a unique event? It’s the simultaneous pullout of cryptocurrency from centralized exchanges. This is known as a Proof of Keys event, and it is intended to uncover issues sooner rather than later. It also gives people a unique opportunity to network, learn about new technologies, and have fun. However, it’s not without risk. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Despite their relatively recent rise, cryptocurrencies have become immensely popular. For example, in 2021, Bitcoin will reach $60,000 for the first time. While each cryptocurrency has a unique appeal, their decentralized nature makes them particularly appealing. The fact that cryptocurrencies are anonymous allows them to cross international borders without bank involvement. Many dissidents in authoritarian nations have raised money in Bitcoin, a method that bypasses the control of state institutions. However, some experts say that cryptocurrencies are primarily investment tools.

Harrisburg University’s free cryptocurrency conference

For the next few months, the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology will be hosting a virtual series on Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. These virtual conferences will explore topics such as cryptocurrency regulation, smart contracts, and gaming. Additionally, the series will include sessions on entrepreneurship and cyber threats. The SUMMIT virtual conference series will bring together leading thinkers and disruptors from the payment ecosystem. Attendees can expect a series of insightful conversations and discussions.

Speakers include John Kothanek, Vice President of Global Intelligence at Coinbase, and Tigran Gambaryan, Vice President of Global Intelligence and Investigations at Binance. Trisha Kothari, Co-Founder and CEO of Unit21, will moderate the session, which will focus on how Coinbase and Binance balance compliance and future crypto regulations. The event will also include a panel on future regulations of cryptocurrency.

Blockchain & Financial Crime training session

If you are involved in money laundering or any type of financial crime, it is essential to understand the implications of virtual currencies. The use of virtual currencies is increasing and requires an understanding of the laws and regulations governing them. The use of such virtual assets has increased the risk of money laundering and fraud, and governments are increasing their focus on regulatory and compliance issues. A number of crimes involving these digital assets have already been uncovered and governments are now working to combat their use. This makes it more important than ever for AFC professionals and financial institutions to be fully aware of the risks and compliance issues associated with these cryptoassets. The ACAMS Virtual Currency & Blockchain Certificate provides you with the knowledge and expertise necessary to prevent and detect financial crimes.

The webinar will de-mystify the concept of illicit money movement by providing case studies and discussion of specific investigative techniques. It will provide you with a strong foundation to use these tools and explore the communities. To attend this session, you must be a U.S. criminal justice practitioner. Register using your agency-issued email. The webinar is intended for criminal justice professionals. Once registered, you can learn how to protect your clients and their data.


A recent video published on YouTube showed an avatar having a seizure in the middle of a VRChat session. The chat room is filled with avatars and frenetic voice chat, and it illustrates the disconnection of people who use virtual worlds. This video was particularly disturbing for the red robot avatar, who believes that a better world is possible in the metaverse. However, it also highlights the dangers of this virtual world.

A true metaverse combines the elements of various platforms and audiences. It allows people to interact with each other and experience different experiences and outcomes. It is designed to be continuous, and it is made up of elements from different platforms and audiences. To make it more meaningful for players, we are building a social network that is built around their interests. This helps to foster trust and improve social interaction. Here are some benefits of Metaverse gaming.

NFT conference

The NFT conference was the first of its kind, and it captured a moment in time. Throughout the year, it has grown and evolved to include a wider community, from talent agencies to celebrities to musicians on the biggest stages. In 2018, the conference will be even bigger. To help make it even more unique, we’re working with a new company that mints NFTs, namely Russian punk band Pussy Riot.

The idea is that the NFT is a digital certificate of ownership. It is almost always purchased and sold using cryptocurrency, and can be any digital file. The NFT can be a private or public file, and the owner can use it to identify brand enthusiasts. One example of an NFT project is The Hundreds, which built a project around the Adam Bomb. By owning an NFT, a fan can get early access to the company and its founders.