Using an ATM to Buy and Sell Bitcoin

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While you may be tempted to use an online exchange for Bitcoin, ATMs have several advantages. Not only do they offer privacy, you don’t have to provide personal documents for identification. Verification of your account is fast and easy with Cash2Bitcoin, compared to days or weeks with most online exchanges. It also helps that Cash2Bitcoin uses special software that speeds up the process of account verification. Other benefits of using an ATM include real-person customer service, which you can reach via email or chat. Moreover, they are open from 9am to 6pm EST.


Coinsource for cash 2 bitcoin ATMs make buying and selling bitcoin easy and convenient. Its software enables anyone to set up their own bitcoin ATM network, and the Coinsource ATMs can take payments in bitcoin, fiat currency, and other cryptocurrencies. The Coinsource ATMs are located in over 40 locations in 42 states, and customers can create accounts at home or on the go. Aside from their ATMs, Coinsource also offers a network of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide.

Currently, Coinsource operates Bitcoin ATM kiosks in several US states, including Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, California, Tennessee, and Nevada. Customers can also sell bitcoin using their mobile phones and do not have to visit a physical ATM. This makes Coinsource for cash 2 bitcoin an especially convenient option for people who live in remote areas and want to keep their bitcoins in a safe place. The Coinsource website is easy to use and the kiosks operate 24/7.

To use the Coinsource for cash 2 bitcoin ATM, you need to enter your Bitcoin address, a QR code, and cash. You will receive an email or text confirmation as soon as the transaction is confirmed on the Bitcoin blockchain. However, the confirmation time will vary, depending on your connection speed. Once your transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, you will receive a receipt in the form of bitcoin. The Coinsource for cash 2 bitcoin ATM does not charge a service fee.

While Coinsource is not the first company to offer an ATM for bitcoin, its initial experience has been a success. The company has sold thousands of ATMs nationwide, and has now diversified into bitcoin ATMs. Coinsource has a small footprint in the ATM market, but the company has already doubled its revenue to $50 million. Its recent pivot into licensing bitcoin ATM kiosks to traditional manufacturers will propel it into the lead.


LibertyX is America’s first bitcoin ATM, operating a network of kiosks, cashiers, and ATM software. With a sell rate of 2.32927, it is among the lowest of all companies operating bitcoin ATMs. LibertyX’s website lists it in the Commercial & Savings Banks and Loans category, which may explain its low sell rate. The company has a family connection and is still family-owned.

The site also features SSL encryption for all customer communications. Additionally, customer information is stored on encrypted hard disks. LibertyX also requires ID verification, but this may not be a problem for many people. Customers can use a driver’s license if necessary. Once they have verified their identity, they can deposit their bitcoin in their preferred wallet. It’s highly recommended to use a secure bitcoin wallet, as some stores require customers to enter their credit card details.

The company was founded in 2013, and has more than 10,000 ATMs in the U.S. It’s also being acquired by NCR Corporation, a Fortune 500 enterprise software company. The company says the acquisition will help its existing customers offer digital currency solutions, thereby accelerating the delivery of capabilities to customers. Its software is integrated with those used in ATMs, making it convenient to use and install. Further, NCR plans to offer a digital currency solution for banks.

In February 2014, LibertyX launched America’s first bitcoin ATMs, including those in MIT’s Harvard Square and South Station in Boston. By December 2014, the company announced retail store expansion to over 2,500 locations nationwide. With the acquisition of CoinOutlet, the company rebranded its company as LibertyX and formed partnerships with retail store networks. The company has 16 bitcoin kiosks in the Miami area alone. These are among the most convenient ways to buy and sell bitcoin.