What Crypto Will Explode in 2022?

In this article, we will examine what cryptocurrency will explode in 2022. Here are four predictions: Uniswap, Dogecoin, KLAYTN, Chronoly, and Apecoin. These digital currencies are poised to dethrone centralized exchanges and traditional brokers. Uniswap is one of the largest decentralized applications on the Ethereum network, and it uses an automated market-making system to allow peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions.


With so many people getting involved in the cryptocurrency market, it’s no surprise that there’s so much acrimony over this digital currency. Some of the top personalities are backing Dogecoin and hoping that more regulations are implemented. Is Dogecoin headed for an explosive rise in 2022? Here’s why. – Increased regulation is one of the most important factors for Dogecoin’s future.

– More services will offer DOGE as a payment method. This will greatly increase DOGE’s utility in the near future. – The long-term outlook for Dogecoin suggests a price average of $2.64, a high of $3.80, and a low of $1.83 in 2025. At this price, Dogecoin will have risen 1,703% from its start in 2022.


The Klaytn cryptocurrency has experienced a rapid surge in 2021. It recently announced that Korea’s most popular newspaper would be using its blockchain. Also, its non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will soon be listed on the world’s largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea. The NFT market has experienced a surge in recent months, and Klaytn is reaping the benefits of increased adoption.

According to recent data, Klaytn will be a hot topic in the coming year. In early 2022, its native digital asset (KLAY) climbed nearly 200%. Today, the price of KLAY is trading at around USD 4.07. In the previous two years, the price of the crypto has fallen and rebounded, allowing investors to purchase their first cryptos. This price rise is likely to continue throughout the next year, according to experts.


The price of Chronoly (CRNO) token has rocketed over 300% since it was launched. It’s now worth $0.04, a total increase of 300%. And many experts predict that the token price will reach 5,000% within a year, once it is officially listed on a centralized exchange. So what’s the secret behind Chronoly’s meteoric rise?

The blockchain-based Chronoly ecosystem uses a decentralized ledger on the Ethereum blockchain to digitally verify pre-owned luxury watches. In fact, Chronoly investors can borrow against their NFTs, a digital currency that has similar properties to real-world currencies. Then, they can exchange these NFTs for fractional real-world watches at competitive interest rates. Chronoly ships its watches to over 120 destinations worldwide.


If you are interested in the future of cryptocurrency, you may have heard about ApeCoin. The native token of the metaverse platform is already listed on Coinbase and has skyrocketed in price from $1 to $7. Despite its price, ApeCoin is still only $7, and the community behind it is colossal. However, as a cryptoasset, it is highly volatile and unregulated. Therefore, it is not advisable to invest in this currency if you do not have the necessary resources to make a profit.

Despite the recent media attention, there are still several reasons why ApeCoin will explode in 2022. The most obvious reason is the fact that it is associated with one of the biggest NFT projects in the world. As such, it will automatically generate media attention and FOMO. The upcoming use cases of ApeCoin will only further enhance the coin’s price and popularity. In the next few years, it will be the premier altcoin in the world.


In mid-2022, the price of Polygon cryptocurrency could reach $3.38, and analysts think it could reach $4.75 before the end of the year. Government Capital, the company that launched MATIC, is confident that the token will continue to grow and surpass its $3.38 valuation by the end of 2022. While MATIC may not hit that price anytime soon, its growth is a promising sign. Many analysts believe that Polygon will hit the $3 mark this year.

In Q1 2022, Polygon announced a range of new features, including mobile burning for MATIC tokens. The company also introduced a Token List service and a burn console for its mobile wallet suite. But in early 2022, the price corrected by more than 50%, erasing the value of Polygon. The coin opened at $2.5 and traded at about $1.1-$1.2 in April 2022. However, if the price is able to rebound from that low, Polygon could see an increase of 36% or more.