What is Crypto Airdrop?

what is crypto airdrop

What is crypto airdrop? It is a marketing strategy used by a cryptocurrency project to increase the awareness of its token. Many renowned crypto projects started as startups. At this stage, the project is largely unknown and only few individuals recognize it. This makes it challenging to raise awareness of the crypto project and generate profit from it. The crypto airdrop is one of the most effective marketing strategies in this stage. Listed below are the different types of crypto airdrops and the benefits they offer.


You may want to take advantage of a MetaMask crypto airdrop to increase your cryptocurrency investment. You can download the wallet for free and set up a minimum transaction volume. You will need to make sure to backup your seed phrase to access the airdrop. After that, all you have to do is wait for the coins to arrive in your wallet. Then, simply connect your wallet with the platform and wait for them to appear.

As one of the leading Ethereum wallets, MetaMask is a promising upcoming crypto airdrop. It is available as a browser extension and mobile app that gives crypto investors a safe login and secure wallet and exchange service. MetaMask claims over 30 million monthly active users. The service allows you to access DeFi, mint NFTs, and use smart contract networks. However, if you don’t have a Metamask account, don’t worry. The company recently closed a $450 million Series D.

Basic Attention Token

If you are looking for a crypto airdrop that will give you free BAT tokens, then Basic Attention Token is the one for you. This project is a new token for the digital advertising industry. The creator of Javascript developed BAT to pay publishers for the content they provide and users for the attention they give. These new tokens have more value for both parties, as BAT is more valuable to publishers and advertisers alike.

To receive your basic Attention Token airdrop, you will need to have a cryptocurrency wallet with a balance. You can use an exchange address, but a wallet is preferred. If you’re unfamiliar with cryptocurrency wallets, we recommend MetaMask. You can transfer your BAT airdrops onto this exchange and use it to trade on the market. You can also buy BAT in an exchange.


To claim the free $GAS tokens, Ethereum users must spend $1559 or more on gas fees. They must spend at least one day in Ethereum before the deadline. After that, they have until May 1st, 2022, to claim their free tokens. If you’re interested in claiming this airdrop, read the post below to learn more about the process. This crypto airdrop is limited to only a few million tokens, so you’ll want to act fast.

The new token will be given out to the most active 643,000 addresses. These addresses might have interacted with decentralized finance, NFTs, and DApps, and they may be among the most active in the community. After all, spending $1559 on gas fees isn’t exactly a big achievement. But when you consider that we pay high fees in almost every transaction, getting free tokens is worth your while.

1inch Airdrop

One of the best things about the 1inch crypto airdrop is its ability to provide liquidity from different sources, including seven upheld blockchains. This enables the users to trade for the best rates, while receiving a refund in 1INCH tokens on the first day of every month. The first refunds are planned to begin at the end of July, August, and Sept. 1, and will run for the next five months. The refund program was suggested by the community and is now being implemented.

As an airdrop, the 1inch exchange is giving away millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency to its users. To get involved, users must sign up for the DEX, complete KYC, and complete a quiz to qualify. The airdrop is available to users of the DeFi platform. The airdrop is limited to 55,000 addresses, and the participants must have traded $20 or more on the exchange before the airdrop date. As of the date of this article, 1INCH is trading slightly over $6. One address has received 10 million tokens, which is worth about $33 million. The increase has occurred in less than five months, and it is expected to be even more significant for the future of the crypto market.