What is X-Cash Crypto?

xcash crypto

X-Cash is an alternative cryptocurrency, gaining popularity as more and more people start to understand its features. Some of these features include privacy, exchangeability, price, circulating supply, and many more.


X-Cash is an advanced blockchain technology and a new innovation in the privacy coin space. The public network is governed by a custom Delegated Proof of Stake consensus. It also has the capability of running a Daemon (xcashd) on a separate computer, relaying transactions and retrieving data for wallet operations.

X-Cash is a community driven project, developed by the X-Cash Foundation. Its primary goal is to become a standard in digital payment settlement. A community fund rewards projects that are built on the X-Cash ecosystem. X-Cash also introduced FlexPrivacy, allowing users to perform both public and private transactions on the same blockchain.

X-Cash is based on the CryptoNight (CN) technology, which is a highly secure hashing algorithm. To improve security, X-Cash has set up multiple public remote nodes. These nodes provide better reliability and trust.

X-Cash is traded on a supply-and-demand basis. The maximum circulating supply is 100 billion coins. As the demand for X-Cash increases, the price will increase as well.

Circulating supply

XCASH is a digital currency that allows users to perform private and public transactions on the same blockchain. It is a privacy-centric coin developed by the X-Cash Foundation. The project is a non-profit organization that aims to build a community-centric platform for digital payments.

X-Cash is a Proof-of-Stake crypto coin, meaning it rewards users who stake their coins. This consensus model eliminates the need for mining. It also uses less energy than proof-of-work. XCASH has a maximum supply of 100 billion coins. XCASH can be exchanged for fiat currencies. Almost all fiat currencies are currently paired with XCASH.

X-Cash is an open source project, which means it’s free to use and build on. In addition to providing users with a native cryptocurrency, the X-Cash Foundation also hosts sidechains. They can use XCASH for smart contracts, payment for goods and services, and governance.

To ensure reliability and security, the X-Cash team set up multiple public remote nodes. Using the X-Network, the team implemented Delegated Proof of Private Stake (DPoPS) protocol. DPOPS offers a range of privacy features.

Privacy features

The X-Cash project is an open source initiative which uses a fork of Monero technology. The project was started in the year 2018 and is now in its second iteration. It is a community driven endeavor, which means that development costs are covered by a small fund whose purpose is to encourage the development of projects based on the X-Cash platform.

In the context of the X-Cash platform, the aforementioned aforementioned is not only a laudable feat, but also an impressive feat of software engineering. This includes the xcashd daemon, which can run on a separate computer or on a cloud infrastructure. With the daemon in tow, users can create nodes, interact with the rest of the network, and even relay transactions between other nodes. One of the most interesting features of the aforementioned daemon is its ability to sign and verify public transactions, which is no mean feat in and of itself.

The X-Cash platform is the perfect starting point for any crypto enthusiast. It offers a host of features that are a step above the rest. For instance, a new feature called FlexPrivacy, which is a privacy swap, allows for private and public transactions on the same blockchain, with full control and transparency.