Where Can You Start a Legal Bitcoin Casino?

where can you start a legal bitcoin casino

If you want to start a bitcoin casino, you should first consider licensing it in a jurisdiction where cryptocurrency gaming is legal. Curacao is one of the cheapest jurisdictions in the world, and it is also the most popular jurisdiction for cryptocurrency gaming. You can also find out more about how to get your cryptocurrency game regulated in Australia. If you are unsure about licensing your bitcoin casino in a jurisdiction, read our guide to cryptocurrency gaming licensing.


While the US is not a legal place to start a bitcoin online casino, the Curacao government does make it possible. In fact, it has become a leading global Bitcoin gaming company. This online casino is fully regulated and licensed in Curacao. It also accepts deposits in both cryptocurrency and fiat money. Players can withdraw their winnings within 24 hours. Players do not have to worry about being scammed since they can withdraw their winnings with cryptocurrency.

In order to open a bitcoin casino in Curacao, you need to obtain a master license. This license costs 60,000 ANG for a one-time payment and 10,000 ANG per month for two years. Then, you can grant sub-licenses to other companies that want to run a bitcoin casino. Note that a sub-license does not allow leasing. Instead, the master license holder is responsible for the activities of all sub-licenses.

Curacao is the most affordable jurisdiction for licensing online gaming

When compared with other jurisdictions, Curacao is the cheapest and fastest to license online gaming. Curacao has a zero percent VAT rate and a reduced corporate income tax until 2026. Moreover, they offer free trade for foreign investors, taking a small percentage of profits. The licensing process takes only a couple of business days, excluding the time needed to gather all documents. Thus, the shortest licensing process is perfect for gaming sites that must get their licenses quickly.

One of the benefits of Curacao’s gaming license is that it is the easiest to apply for. The application process is quick and simple, and there are minimal requirements. The licensing process is also quick, reducing the burden on entrepreneurs and startups. The cost of licensing a business is extremely affordable and simple in Curacao. However, the application process can be complicated in other jurisdictions.

Curacao is a popular jurisdiction for licensing bitcoin casinos

There are a variety of reasons why Curacao is a popular jurisdiction to license cryptocurrency casinos. In addition to having an established legal gambling system, Curacao also offers a low tax and license fee structure, a streamlined license application process, and relatively straightforward gambling regulations. One of the most attractive features of Curacao is that it has no sales tax or import duties, making it an attractive option for many new cryptocurrency operators.

First, the government of Curacao has relatively low taxes. The Curacao government levies only 2% of net profits from online gambling. It also has no corporate income tax. While the license fee structure is not the most desirable, it is a necessary one for any new business looking to establish themselves in the iGaming industry. Furthermore, there are no import duties or sales taxes, which are important considerations for any online casino operator. In addition, there is no restriction on the withdrawal of dividends and no permanent establishment rules.

Regulation of cryptocurrency games in Australia

In a recent report, the Australian Parliament’s Senate Economic References Committee called for regulatory reforms for digital currency. It looked at the impact of the cryptocurrency market on Australia’s economy and how it might be exploited for the benefit of Australians. In May 2016, the Australian government responded with guidelines on how to tax cryptocurrencies. But it’s unclear how much regulation of these games will be needed. It’s also unclear what exactly will be considered “cryptocurrency” in this context.

While cryptocurrency regulation in Australia isn’t entirely necessary to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing, it does show that governments are starting to understand the potential of the digital currency market and how to protect consumers. Moreover, the new rules and regulations for cryptocurrencies signal that governments are confident in the future of this asset class. Regardless of how these changes will impact cryptocurrency markets, the positive effects of these regulations are still apparent. The recent moves by Australia’s government are a step in the right direction for the industry, even if some businesses may disagree with it.

Regulation of cryptocurrency games in the EU

The European Parliament has just passed a draft report on the regulation of crypto games, with a vote of 31 in favour, four against and 23 abstentions. The legislation would streamline the process of issuing digital assets, while addressing consumer protection concerns. The main goal of the legislation is to promote innovation and create an open market for crypto assets within the EU. The committee will take up the legislation this spring. In the meantime, the industry will need to start building its miles to operate globally.

Malta is also an excellent location for online gaming companies. Malta is a blockchain-focused hub and has been an important base for several international companies. The gaming industry in Malta accounts for 12% of the EU’s GDP, and is home to several cryptocurrency exchanges. With these companies establishing a base in Malta, the European Union may have to worry about how the regulation of online games will affect the sector. If the UK is allowed to ban cryptocurrency mining, the UK may not be as happy about the move.